2023 PGIB Annual Golf Tournament

Friday August 11, 2023

Golf season is here!

The Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB),Calgary's largest business & taxpayer organization is having it's 25th Annual Calgary Golf Tournament.

Where: Rivers Edge Golf Club - 370137 64 St E, Okotoks, Alberta
What: 25th Annual Calgary PGIB Golf Tournament (The Who's Who of small 'c' conservatism in Calgary and area).
When: Friday, August 11, 2023

As many of you know we have been very active in supporting small 'c' conservatives in Calgary and getting many people elected at all 3 levels of government.

With your help, we will continue to fight on your behalf and help get Independent conservatives elected.

Craig B. Chandler
Executive Director
Progressive Group For Independent Business (PGIB)
Phone: 403-720-2143
Toll Free: 866-725-2143
E-mail: connections@pgib.org
Websites: www.pgib.org www.pgibw.ca
Alberta & BC

"The PGIB has good core issues, including a Municipal Taxpayers Protection Act to prevent taxes without a referendum...term limits for Mayor and Alderman, a program for divesture of non-core functions and accountability with the adoption of recorded debates and Council votes."
Danielle Smith- Premier of Alberta - Calgary Herald, June 4, 2001 - Page A11

"If you want cocktails join the group downtown. If you want something done, join the PGIB."
Stephen Harper (former Prime Minister of Canada) - April 1999 PGIB National Convention Calgary, Alberta

"The Progressive Group for Independent Business effectively supports the businesses they serve."
Ralph Klein (Former Premier of Alberta) - May 13, 2006

"I encourage you to join the PGIB is you have not already and demand a restructuring of the public sector to both cut costs and improve services. It is time to go forward with a common-sense plan to unleash the power of the marketplace."
Mike Harris (Former Premier of Ontario) -January 1994 PGIB Rally Hamilton, Ontario

"Until PGIB arrived on the scene, small business issues were not being addressed properly."
Jon Lord -(Former Calgary Alderman &MLA)

"PGIB offers real, unique solutions that will work. From a Municipal Taxpayer Protection Act to open accountable government PGIB has the answer."
Randy Thorsteinson (Former Social Credit Party Leader)

" ...the Calgary-based Progressive Group for Independent Business, a group known as the brains behind Ontario Premier Mike Harris's Common-Sense Revolution. "
The Globe & Mail -March 14, 1997

"Your organisation has a significant impact on Albertans."
Canada West Foundation - August, 1998


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